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A well-maintained air conditioner will definitely cool the area that you use it. The job of air conditioners is to control heat and humidity inside a home or office building and to decrease energy consumption.

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There are three parts of an air conditioner. These parts are the compressor, condenser and the cooling system. Every air conditioner has two fans that function as two different functions. However, most companies build air conditioners with fans and without one fan in order to maximize the efficiency of their units.

The first part of an air conditioner is the compressor. The compressor sucks the air from the outside air and transfers it to the ducts inside the house or office building. The first stage of the compressor sucks air into the box and transfers it to the ducts of the building.

The second stage of the air conditioning unit is the condenser. Here, there is another duct system, where condensate, collected from the air intake duct, passes through a drain.

In the third stage, the cooling system. The cooling system takes the energy from the heat of the air and removes it. As it does this, it also cools the inside of the room. Most air conditioners use either heat exchangers or evaporative cooling systems.

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. The first thing you should do to have your air conditioner last longer is to clean the dust and dirt from the inside and outside of it every month. You should have your air conditioner cleaned every six months or so as well. Other parts of your air conditioner that need cleaning are the filters, the oil of the compressors, and the airducts.

Another thing you should do to your air conditioner is to run the service manual on it at least once a year. This manual will tell you how to operate your air conditioning system, as well as where to get the parts if there is a problem with your unit. Once you get the maintenance done regularly, you can use it as a reference and know the difference between normal operation and a malfunction.

Maintenance of an air conditioner is just a part of the routine care you need to do on it to maintain its durability. Regular maintenance is also a way of showing your owners that you care about the life of your air conditioning unit.

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